Instagram account highlights cockroaches found in high school

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CNN, (WILX) - An anonymous Instagram account is shining a light on cockroaches at a Maryland high school, but the school district insists there is no infestation.

Instagram account highlights cockroaches found in a Maryland high school.

The account has more than 60 posts and 340 followers.

It documents the number of cockroaches found within Damascus High School.

"There was one I saw the other day that was apparently being eaten by ants. Yikes!" said student Casey Boman.

One parent could not stop giggling.

"I think it's hilarious, and if it brings attentions to a problem that needs to be solved, well that's great too," said Elise Williams.

The school district says there is nothing unusual about the cockroach sightings at the high school.

A statement reads: "There is no significant issue with cockroaches at Damascus High School. As with all older buildings, pests do appear from time to time, but they are quickly addressed."

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