Ingham ISD hosts Reverse Job Fair

Published: Apr. 5, 2019 at 6:29 AM EDT
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In this edition of Schools Rule, News 10 is highlighting an entire district who's letting the success of its students speak for itself.

Ingham ISD's Reverse Job Fair lets seniors showcase the work they've completed during their CTE classes.

Lots of working adults are familiar with how job fairs work-you show up with a resume and it's almost like mini interviews with potential employers. Ingham ISD is putting their own spin on things.

So here's how it works-an employer walks in to the Reverse Job Fair and instead of setting up shop, they're greeted by rows of students set up at booths displaying their work, accomplishments and certifications.

"Really it's based around the concept of giving kids the opportunity to demonstrate their job skills," said Ingham ISD Superintendent Jason Mellema. "As you know, interviews can be pretty intimidating so let's flip it around and let's have the opportunity for kids to demonstrate some of the great things that they've done and let's put the employers on the hot seat."

The seniors at the Reverse Job Fair are all enrolled in CTE programs in Ingham ISD's Construction and Manufacturing courses. The Reverse Job Fair isn't staged-opportunities for summer jobs, internships and long term employment are on the line.

"Employers are here for a wide variety of reasons, just as the students are," said Mellema. "They might be looking for interns, or summer work. they may be looking for an opportunity to hire some of these students on either part time or even full time employment."

"We need skilled trades, specifically, so I participate in mock interviews, resume reviews and these reverse job fairs," said Brad Rusthoven, an HR Manager with Franchino Mold and Dye who attended the fair as an employer.

Naylen Saunders is one of 130 students in Construction and Manufacturing who have booths set up inviting possible employers to take a look.

"It's a little bit nerve-wracking at first but I truly like it because you get to introduce yourself and present yourself more and you can also find employers that are looking exactly for you," said Saunders, a senior at Waverly High Schools. "It's a great opportunity, I think I like the reverse job fair better than a regular job fair."

"I'm hoping to gain construction experience before i go to school and my plans for school are to become an architect or a construction manager," Saunders continued. "So I figure if i get some experience in the field it'd be really beneficial for me."

In total 40 employers attended the Construction and Manufacturing Reverse Job Fair.

Ingham ISD hosts the Reverse Job Fair for each of its programs.

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