Ingham Co. Sheriff warns of scam

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INGHAM CO., Mich. (WILX) -- The Ingham County Sheriff is warning residents about a phone scam that is happening in the area.

People are calling and saying they are Greg Harris from the Sheriff's Office.

The office has received many complaints about this.

The caller claims that the person on the other line is either in violation of the law or that there has been an arrest of a loved one.

In these cases the caller is requesting money to solve the issue.

And, in several instances in the past, people have lost several thousand dollars to this scam.

The Sheriff's Office says, "they will NEVER call demanding money in any form of payment. If this happens to you, hang up the phone immediately without confirming any information, and contact the agency in which they claim to be calling from to verify what you have been told."

They suggest you use a directory for the agencies phone number if you don't know it, not the number the caller may have provided you.

And of course, do not give up any financial information.