Indiana AG says accuser coordinated her story

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) Attorney General Curtis Hill says it appears the latest accusation that he groped a woman at a party in March was "coordinated and changed under the direction of others."

Hill made the assertion in a statement released after a third woman publicly accused him of groping her.

Niki DaSilva, a legislative assistant for the Indiana Senate Republican Caucus, says in an account in The Indianapolis Star that Hill slid his hand down her back. When she tried to push it away, she says he grabbed her hand and moved both their hands over her buttocks, lingering there before letting go.

Hill says DaSilva asked for help in preparing a statement accusing him of misconduct. He contends she asked a close friend for input on whether there were grammatical errors or phrases that need to be "changed, strengthened or eliminated.'

Hill says the integrity of the investigation of his behavior has been compromised, adding DaSilva's emails with others should be preserved.