Ice Cap Therapy helps chemo patients keep more hair

Cancer patient wearing cooling cap
A patient puts on the Dignicap, which helps cancer patients avoid hair loss during chemotherapy by cooling the hair follicles (WBAY photo)
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Hair loss can be one of the most difficult issues facing cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.
But a new type of treamtment, offered at Sparrow Hospital, can help prevent the loss of hair.
It's called "Ice Cap Therapy".
It works by having patients wear a cap that sprays cool air and ice on their heads during chemo, which reduces circulation to the scalp, and slows down hair follicle turnover.
Doctors say it's proven effective in two-thirds of patients.
This ice cap therapy at Sparrow is the only hair-loss treatment of it's type in Mid-Michigan.
The hospital has one machine, which can treat two patients at a time.

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