'I want to kill children:' Teacher investigated for threatening message

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COMMERCE CITY, Colo. (WILX)- A Colorado middle school teacher is now on administrative leave after he allegedly threatened to kill students.

Parents say eighth-grader teacher Kris Burghart, typed out the message "Silent reading ... I want to kill children but I am a loving Christian man who never would hurt a flee (sic) so please sit down and read." The message was projected on a board in his classroom.

Burghart teaches at Otho E. Stuart Middle School. Some parents say the message was inappropriate. “We all have bad days, but as a person in a position of trust with our students, it doesn’t matter how bad your day is,” a parent said. “You don’t speak that way. You don’t write that way.” The district says it is investigating and the teacher will be out of the building until the investigation is finished.