Hurricane Maria makes landfall

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San Juan, Puerto Rico (NBC) - Hurricane Maria is slamming the island with 175 mile per hour winds and forecasters say it's expected to make landfall midmorning Wednesday along Puerto Rico's southeast coast as a category five storm, punishing the island with life-threatening winds for 12 to 24 hours.
Tammy Leitner, NBC News
"Yea, the winds have really started to kick up in the last few hours. We've seen a lot of tree branches come down at this point, shutters come off of buildings. It's getting very dangerous. Everybody is hunkered down at this point. Some people have taken refuge in shelters. We're told about 50-thousand people are in shelters right now, 500 of them set up across the island. Also some people have decided to ride this storm out in their homes. We've spoken with some of those people. They've boarded up their homes. They are staying put. I can honestly tell you that there are some tourists still stuck on this island and they will be riding this storm out until it's over."