Hundreds gather to honor Kevin Bacon

Published: Jan. 3, 2020 at 10:57 PM EST
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Family, friends and people from across the state gathered to mourn the tragic loss of a young Swartz Creek man, who was murdered on Christmas Eve.

Kevin Bacon's parents say they're overwhelmed by the support that came from the community after hundreds gathered at Swartz Creek High School where they say his best memories were.

"This is where he would want it--the vigil," Pam and Karl Bacon, Bacon's parents, said. "We were expecting a decent turnout, but not all--all the flowers, everything--I was like "wow.'"

Family and friends of the community came to celebrate his life sharing stories that will live on forever in their hearts.

"His dancing, his sassiness and his love for makeup and hair, and how good of a stylist he was. I'm just going to love everything about him, I'm going to miss him," Wendi Walters, who knew Bacon, said.

"It really feels empty without him, you know, I used to come home, you know, watching TV with him and just, we always sat and talked for hours," Michelle Myers, Bacon's roommate said.

His body was found in a home in Bennington Township last Saturday.

Morrice area-resident Mark Latunski, 50, has been accused of killing Bacon and has been charged with open murder and mutilation of a body. He claimed he was not Mark Latunski in court on Monday.

Bacon's body was found in Latunksi's home in Bennington Township on Dec. 28. Police do believe he carried out the murder alone.

"There are no additional suspects. We would've spoken to the former husband, we would've spoken to neighbors, we would've spoken to anybody that had knowledge of Mr. Latunski," Lieutenant David Kaiser, of Michigan State Police, said.

He is behind bars facing murder charges.

Police have not released any details on how Bacon was killed, how his body was discovered, or his relationship with the suspect.

His parents say they want to continue remembering his life by starting a fundraiser to help others.

"We would like to do a scholarship in his honor either here or at U of M Flint, or something to do with his hair--that he loved to do," his parents said.

His parents said his Go Fund Me page will stay up through the weekend.

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