How to stay healthy while traveling this Holiday Season

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We're at peak holiday travel, and according to AAA more Americans than ever are traveling this Christmas.

That means, chances are if you're flying, you could sit next to a stranger who may be sick.

So how do you survive the airplane ride without arriving at your destination with a running nose yourself?

Dr. Amanda Velazquez says your remedy should begin before you even take flight.

"So try and keep a balanced, healthy diet. And also regularly exercise and keeping to your sleep routine. So that your body is at it's optimal point before traveling" says Dr. Velazquez.

Forget about wasting money on Vitamin C supplements. Dr. Velazquez says there's no evidence that taking extra Vitamin C will boost your immune system.

"So the best thing to honestly do is to have a balanced diet that has lots of food with anti oxidants, like fruits and vegetables, and to be able to have plenty of sleep."

She also recommends the flu vaccine in case you are exposed to someone with the flu who doesn't show any signs of it. Also, don't be afraid to wear a mask to cover your mouth and nose.

"It is a good way to have a barrier between yourself and others who may be exposing you to coughing and sneezing."

If you're the one who is sick, do everyone a favor and don't take the flight.

This is the time to apply your travel insurance clause that allows for you to cancel and be reimbursed for you airfare should you fall ill before your trip.

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