How to minimize water damage from flooding in your home

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) With so much rain in the forecast it is a given, many people will come home to water in their basement this week and they won't just be people who live in flood zones.

The rain, combined with the snow melt and frozen ground could cause just enough water to seep through the cracks of a home's foundation and into living space. If you haven't already, get outside and do a quick look around your property. Make sure your downspouts are connected and extend 3 to 6 feet from your home to carry the water away from your foundation. Take a good look around your basement or lowest level and remove things that are sitting on the floor and move them to a dry location.

Finally, inspect your sump pump to make sure it works properly. Ty Azevedo from Ayers Basement Systems said, "Take a hold of the pump and the little line that comes out of the pump, you'll feel a little vibration. That'd be a good indication that it's putting water up and out."

If you do have any water damage, be sure to remove soaked carpets, padding and upholstery within 24-to-48 hours after it gets soaked to prevent mold growth.

Another thing to keep in mind is your insurance policy. Flooding is not covered in a general homeowner's policy. Talk to your agent to know exactly what's covered and what's not. You may be able to get a rider on your policy in case your sump pump or drains back up.