How to make packed lunches healthy

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Do you feel stuck making the same old sandwiches for your child's school lunch?

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Or maybe you just let them choose what to eat so there's no arguing.

There can be a happy medium.

Back to school means it's back to the drawing board for a lot of parents when it comes to school lunches and snacks.

Making them easy and healthy is no small feat, especially when faced with row upon row of pre-made, heavily processed options at the grocery store.

So how do you fight the urge to just pick up a Lunchable and call it a day?

"One of the best ways to entice children about lunch, is to have them help pack their lunch" says Kristen Smith RDN, LN. "For littler children give them a couple of options, and have them choose what they want in their lunches, and for older children that might be packing their own lunches. Give them a guide to what food groups should be included in their lunch."

Not only are you getting a helping hand, but you're teaching kids about nutrition without them even knowing it.

If you have a picky eater, try making healthier versions of their favorites.

And what about making sure they get enough to eat after school and on weekends, as they go from one activity to the next?

"So when we're packing grab and go snacks you can consider things like string cheeses, or maybe portable yogurt pouches" says Smith. "Fruits that have fiber will keep your child full also."