How to eat healthy when returning to school

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If you've gotten a little lax over the summer months, back to school can be a great time to re-focus on your routine and eating habits.

In the Rodriguez house, 8 a.m is go time.

"Our focus is breakfast, clothes on, backpack ready" says Jennifer Rodriguez.

But it's that first step breakfast that can sometimes be the biggest challenge.

"How do you put in enough variety and nutrition and make sure it's something they eat? It's a lot."

Dr. Julie Bernard is a pediatrician at the University of Missouri Health Care and an expert in weight management.

She says eggs, peanut butter, or some lean deli meats are a good place to start.

"One of our big hunger hormones is called ghrelin, and protein actually helps to suppress that level after you eat" says Bernard. "So, if you eat a little bit of protein, it helps you stay fuller for longer."

Fresh fruit can also help kids stay full and focused.

"Whole pieces of fruit are definitely better than fruit juice, which tends to contain a lot of sugar and not so much the fiber that a whole piece of fruit would give you" says Bernard.

For drinks, Dr. Bernard says to stick with water or low-fat milk.

It's a lesson this family hopes their daughters take to heart.

"We want whatever eating habits they develop now to carry throughout their whole lives" says Rodriguez.

Starting with a meal that carries them throughout the whole day.