How To Avoid Becoming A Pothole Victim

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LANSING, MI. (WILX) All that melted snow and ice has left a nasty surprise behind... potholes.
We've received calls about potholes so big they're causing almost every driver that hits them, to get a flat tire.
There are potholes everywhere, but mechanics tell me there are some things you can do I spoke with one woman today who wishes she would have known that before she got a flat tire.

"I happen to see the corner of my eye something in the road so I swerved to try and avoid it end up hearing a big loud noise on my car I pulled over to put my flashers on," said Chalfant.

After hearing that sound Joni Chalfant says she pulled into a side street nearby only to find that she was not the only one inconvenienced by this pothole off of Saginaw Street and Harrison Road in East Lansing.

"There were actually three other vehicles with their hazards on in the street, that is kinda odd what is going on so I got out and the other two vehicles in front of me had two flat tires each from the same pothole," said Chalfant.

I asked Co-Owner of Vision Tire and Auto Darren Buehrer if he was beginning to see a lot of people coming in with car problems at the hands of potholes.
He told me pothole season is the gift that keeps on giving all year long.

"Michigan pothole season is a 365 day's a year season fortunately for us and unfortunately for our customers, so yeah it is something we see all year long but this time of the year it starts to really pick up," said Buehrer.

Buehrer says there are ways people can limit the damage of potholes
Know your route and be aware of the speed limits.

"Go the speed limit the road is designed to be traveled on, a lot of the severe damage we see is from people speeding and hitting a pothole," said Buehrer.

Buehrer says when you see a pothole just like this one don't swerve out of the way tires were designed to go straight up right over this

I reached out the city of Lansing and East Lansing, they tell us you can file a claim for any damages your car takes from a pothole. The city has thirty days, after the claim is filed, to fix it.
If the pothole is not fixed within that thirty day period, the claim will then be valid.