Homework without the hassle

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DETROIT (NBC) -- Homework is supposed to be an opportunity to practice the skills that students are learning in school, but for many families, it's a major source of conflict and frustration.

As a result, homework assignments that should take minutes can drag on for hours filled with nagging, stalling or yelling.

Dr. Blake Lancaster, a clinical psychologist at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital, says there are ways to reduce the homework drama.

Lancaster says if you want to end the homework battle, you need to get inside your child's head.

"I'm always trying to think, 'Why is what they're doing looking good for them?'" Lancaster said. "This conflict that oftentimes develops around homework is, you know, pretty strategic from a child's perspective."

Lancaster says a major reason kids drag out doing their homework is the desire for their parents' attention.

"They'll get a lot of interaction from the parent in that prompting, cajoling, trying to get them into it, so they might be getting higher levels of one-on-one interactivity, even if it's negative interactivity.