Home Invasion Suspects Caught In Swamp

Published: May. 25, 2018 at 6:57 PM EDT
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Police think they've caught the people behind a bunch of home invasions here in mid-Michigan and they had to get very dirty to do it.

It started when an off-duty Calhoun County deputy spotted the suspects at a park in Bellevue. That led to a chase that ended in a swamp.

"Police everywhere, you could kind of see them back in the woods, and there was a helicopter too," said Skylar Zawizlak.

Skylar Zawizlak watched as police swarmed Bellevue looking for a man and woman wanted for home invasions in Eaton, Calhoun, and Barry Counties.

The suspects ran for it when Eaton County deputies showed up at Keehne park Thursday night. Police from several departments and a state police helicopter searched for them. Finally tracking them down in the swamp.

Police say they had to go into the water to get the male suspect because he was unresponsive, covering himself with lilypads.

According to the police, it was just minutes after they took the male suspect into custody that a citizen called and reported the female suspect walking along Peas Road and Love Highway, and it was only minutes after that the police took her into custody.

"I was kinda scared and really surprised because stuff like this doesn't normally happen," said Zawizlak.

Skylar Zawizlak and others in town were texting each other all throughout the search, trying to figure out what was happening.

Tonight there's a sense of relief that it's over.

"It is like a safe and homey feel like nothing really bad happens around here, it is a nice town," said Zawizlak.

The male suspect is being held at the Eaton County jail. The woman is at the Calhoun County jail. Neither one has been arraigned yet.

The Eaton County Sheriff's office says the investigation is still ongoing.

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