Holt students hitch ride on "walking school bus"

HOLT, Mich. (WILX) -- Students in the Holt School District can sign up now to hitch a ride on a "walking school bus." The district's Safe Routes to School program challenges students to walk or bike to school everyday during the school year.

Mother-daughter duo Jen and Sophie Miller helped launch the program a few years ago. Sophie is heading to the 7th grade and for the past three years has rode her bike or walked to school everyday. Any student can sign up for the challenge where honesty is the policy. Parents help students reach their goal. Only 9 days can be missed to complete the challenge. Students can win prizes from local businesses.

Jen Miller, the District Coordinator for the Walking School Bus Holt Public Schools, said, "They learn independence. They learn a sense of direction, how to get to one place to another. By the time they get to school these kids are ready to be engaged in the classroom."

Balanced Calendar students in Holt return to school Tuesday, August 2nd. Families need to decide during the first week back to school if they are going to commit to the program.

The program's coordinator is looking for businesses or organizations willing to donate prizes; preferably healthy options, such a coupons for free subs, smoothies, or fun events like free bowling, or free roller skating. The program can also accept financial donations to help fund end of year prizes like IPods, bikes, activity trackers and other health related items. You can also sign up as a volunteer volunteer.

Jen Miller
District Coordinator - Walking School Bus Holt Public Schools jennifer.miller@hpsk12.net

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