Holt Lutheran students make scarves for needy

 A pink and black chevron scarf is clothespinned onto a fence just outside Holt Lutheran's playground (source, WILX).
A pink and black chevron scarf is clothespinned onto a fence just outside Holt Lutheran's playground (source, WILX). (WILX)
Published: Dec. 3, 2019 at 4:31 PM EST
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If you're looking for something to keep you warm, look no further than Holt Lutheran School.

During recess at Holt Lutheran, the kids are enjoying some time in the cold outdoors. They're all bundled up, and they want to make sure the community is too.

Multiple grades there are teaming up to give back to the community with students making scarves for those in need. Anyone can come up to the fence and take one, no questions asked.

"One of the goals of our school is to teach the children to be active, global citizens. We all belong to the planet and one way we want to do that is share resources with others," teacher Kathy Whitford said. "We thought putting the scarves out there if someones walking by on a cold day they have something to put around them."

So far the school has made over 70 scarves. Many were donated to veterans, but some extras were clothespinned onto the school's fence for anyone to grab.

"This way it is visible from the road, because we're right off of Willoughby and Aurelius, and people can see them and can stop and grab a scarf if they need them," principal Chelsea Speers explained.

Middle School kids there have a "Genius Hour" where they work on projects that they are passionate about. For this one, they cut the scarves and the fringe, while kindergarten through fourth-graders decorated the tags.

"To see them take an active participation in cutting the fringe and pinning the little notices on them...that was really cool," Whitford said.

Whether its the pink chevron, blue hearts, or the black and white plaid, educators are happy the project resonated so much with the kids--and hope people will keep warm this holiday season.

"We are here to create leaders of tomorrow and that's what these kids are doing by being in the community and helping people in the community," Speers added.

Also attached to the scarves was a bible verse along with a link to contact them if they need more resources.

Once all the scarves are taken, they plan to make more.

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