Know the signs: Heat exhaustion in pets

High temps can be deadly to pets. (Source CAHS)
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LANSING, MI (WILX) - Heat exhaustion can happen without a warning.

You are suddenly tired, feel sick, get a headache or even feel nauseous and need to rest or get a cool drink.

Animals can also experience heat exhaustion, but they can't tell you that they aren't feeling well.

With pets you need to know the warning signs - excessive panting or trouble breathing, weakness - even collapsing. Diarrhea can occur or even a seizure.

What you'll need to do if you see these signs is call your vet. And in the meantime, your pet will need lots of water and a cool place, in the shade, to rest.

Capital Area Humane Society (CAHS) suggests bringing any outdoor pets inside during extreme temperatures. Also, skip running with your pooch that day, or at least let Rover sit it out.

The CAHS says it's because animals have a different cooling system than humans.

Maybe even skip the daily walk if it's on a paved surface. The CAHS says that "while dogs and cats have durable pads on their feet, hot surfaces can lead to very serious burns."

Do not leave a pet in a parked car when it's hot out.

The CAHS says this is a good rule to follow any time but when it gets hot outside, temps in a car, even with the window cracked, reach high levels.

And if you see an animal in a parked car you should call 911 and alert the police.

Did you know that animals with flat faces are especially prone to heat exhaustion? The CAHS says it's because they naturally have more difficulty breathing. This goes for young and old animals as well.

If you are concerned about an animal and want to report it - you should call your local animal control or the Capital Area Humane Society.

To learn more about the mission and vision of the Capital Area Humane Society, visit or call (517) 626-6060.

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