Local high school 'promposal' deemed racist; school responds

Published: Apr. 29, 2018 at 6:13 PM EDT
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It is prom season and that means everyone is looking for the perfect date. But two students from a local high school are being called racist after they took their prom-posal too far.

"I was appalled," Maple Valley Student Grace Guernsey said.

Grace Guernsey is a student at Maple Valley High School in Vermontville Township. She says she saw the photo Saturday of her classmates smiling, holding up a racist sign for a prom-posal on Instagram. We are not identifying the students because they are underage and were not able to get in touch with them.

"I hope that people think before they do things like this. Things like this can really hurt people. When I saw it, I was hurt by it because I'm black. And I'm not picking cotton," she said.

Joke or not, this student couldn't help but take offense.

"Its kind of sad. I don't think they meant offense by it, but they are just uneducated about what really was going on at that time. Yes, its not happening now, but we don't need reminders of what happened in the past...we know," Guernsey said.

Guernsey says its not the first time she's experienced racism in the community.

"I hope that this time the school listens and actually does something. Students have been bringing it up for awhile now," she said.

News 10 reached out to Maple Valley's superintendent, Michelle Falcon. She sent the following statement:

"The district was made aware of the social media postings late yesterday. We are currently investigating the situation and at this time we don’t have any additional information to share. "

On Monday, a full statement was released to the media. We've attached a copy of that statement with this web story.