High school play prompts protests

EILEEN PARK, Or. (WILX)-- A high school play about the murder of a gay college student back in the 90's is causing an uproar in Oregon.

Camas High School staged a production of the critically acclaimed The Laramie Project.

The play is about the events surrounding the 1998 beating and murder of University of Wyoming student Matthew Shepard.

Parents at the play say protesters showed up and started shouting homophobic slurs and telling the students performing the play that they're going to hell.

"You are sinners, you must all repent and come to the Lord. They had bullhorns and they were just screaming at children who were a capto audience, because they were getting on the bus. They had nowhere to go. They couldn't avoid this person, and it really angered me," said Parent Kristen Hansen.

The principal of Camas High School released a statement following the incident defending school's decision to perform the production of The Laramie Project.