Heavy rains flood intersection and homeowner wants permanent fix

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BATH CHARTER TWP, MI. (WILX) -- Clinton County had to close a road in Bath Charter Township Monday because vehicles could get stuck in about a foot deep of water.

Howe Road near Watson is located in northwest Bath Charter Township.

This wasn't the first time the road flooded and one homeowner, Gerry Ide, said it's time for a permanent fix.

Ide has lived around the corner from Watson and Howe for 40 years. About twice a year, he said the road floods after the snow melts and after it rains a lot, like this past Monday. He believes it's a safety concern.

"Fire, ambulances, police have to take about a three-mile detour to get back to this area and maybe because I'm a little older it worries me more," Ide said.

But another homeowner, Heidi Matthews, who lives right on Watson and Howe disagrees with Ide.

"We've never called and complained ever. And we're the ones who can't get out of our driveway," she said. "There are other entrances onto Watson other than Howe. If an ambulance driver doesn't know other options, I would question."

Doug Steffen, the managing director for the Clinton County Road Commission said the road has flooded for at least a few decades.
They take care of the culverts. It's just when the Looking Glass River gets high, the drains get backed up.

In 2018, the commission paved the road and added 3 to 4 inches of asphalt at the intersection to keep water off the road during low volumes of rain, but they haven't looked into a permanent project at this time.

"We are in conversation with the township and drain office. We will probably sit down here in the near future and talk about a solution but for right now they don't have any plans to address it," Steffen said.

"It's going to raise taxes, and then people will complain about that too," Matthews said.

Ide said he's not looking to indict the township or county. He just wants officials to put their heads together to find a possible solution.

The county said it alerts first responders when it has to close down a road.

The road was reopened Wednesday morning.

News 10 reached out to Bath Charter Township board members for comment but received no response as of Wednesday evening.