Hearing aids donated to Hillsdale boy

Published: Dec. 2, 2019 at 5:44 PM EST
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A little boy from Hillsdale is getting an early Christmas present.

"He was pretty much born with an ear infection. I think he was like two days old, we found out he had an ear infection and then they were just chronic. We'd get one cleared up then we'd have another one," said his mother, Kristy Ellis.

Vincent Jacobs had his first set of tubes put in at just eight months.

As he grew older, his mom noticed his speech was a little off.

A hearing test showed he needed hearing aids in both ears.

"The price they gave us, that was the cheapest, that would just get him through, with a few different settings were like $3,200," said Ellis.

After trying to come up with the money, Ellis decided to start a GoFundMe, but didn't have much success.

So she started researching on Twitter.

"I came across Brandon [Sawalich] and I followed him, and the next morning, I had a message from him. He had gone through my Twitter and seen me talking about maybe we should start sign language for Vinny. He sent me a message and said cancel your GoFundMe. I've got you," said Ellis.

Sawalich, the president of Starkey Hearing Technologies, donated the hearing aids to Vincent.

They do much more than amplify sound; they can track Vincent's health, adjust the volume in a noisy setting, and translate 27 different languages.

They even come in a charging case.

Vincent is most excited to listen to music and take calls through Bluetooth.

"This is just huge because this is going to help his schooling. It's going to help his understanding. His speech won't continue to decline. It'll only improve and get better. It's just a huge weight lifted off my shoulders," said Ellis.

Starkey Hearing has helped more than a million people by providing hearing health care services.

To find out more about the company, click the link to the right of this story.

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