Healthy eating in the New Year thanks to technology

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NBC News (NBC) - It's one of the most common new year's resolutions, eating better.
Now thanks to technology, you might be able to stick to it this year.
Liz McLaughlin of NBC News tells us how it's getting more convenient to find a healthy meal.

She says millions of Americans are planning a diet do-over in 2018.
Swapping some of those regrettable indulgences...with healthier choices.

But if the planning and prep seems overwhelming, meal kits aim to make it easier.

Subscription services such as Sun Basket and Hello Fresh deliver pre-portioned ingredients straight to your door with an average cost of about $10 per meal.

Carleigh Connelly from Chowhound said, "Most of these dishes are between 500-800 calories which is typically not what you get when you go to a restaurant and get butter laden dishes."

Most major grocery chains now offer online shopping with the option of pickup or delivery. And if you're not creeped out by it, some services will even put away your groceries for you!

But if you don't feel like cooking, you no longer have to resort to pizza or Chinese food.

App-based companies such as Uber eats and Grubhub offer delivery from almost anywhere.

Connelly added, "We're seeing 12% year over year sales growth for deliveries from restaurants and other options."

And if you order from Postmates, there might be a robot delivering your order!