Haslett shows off Performing Arts Center

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HASLETT, Mich. (WILX) - The Performing Arts Center at Haslett High School has a fresh look and more than enough room for students.

But, that wasn't always the case.

"It's over 25 years old and so a few years ago we went to our community and asked them to increase their taxes to support our renovations," says Haslett High School Principal Bart Wegenke.

By just 142 votes, they said yes to the sinking fund millage in 2013, raising $600,000 a year for the a decade for maintenance and improvements. And the priciest item on that list of improvements was renovating the auditorium space.

It is a space that now gets used just about daily, and not just by high school theater and choir students.

"It is really a hub for the Haslett community," says Wegenke.

From new lighting, seating and carpet, it's a major upgrade.

"Right in time for 'Beauty and the Beast' and so it was our most successful show recently," says Senior Zach Whitlock, who is involved with the theater program.

Theater students tell me the new dressing room spaces make all the difference.

"It's more focused on like the acting and the singing," says Senior Sydney Pugmire, "instead of like 'oh we are worried about where our costumes are because everything is kind of a mess."

Mickey Bradstreet, a junior who is in charge of audio during performances, is now using the state of the art sound system.

"All my sound equipment has been completely updated and everything is really just completely different," he says.

With all the bells and whistles, it is a space students and the community have come to love.

But, work is not done yet.

The school expects to have the space totally renovated in a year.

There are still a few tasks left to do, like replacing the floor of the stage.

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