H.S. football player in TX choked and slammed to ground by opponent

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CNN (CNN) - WATCH: A mother says her son was targeted during a high school football game and it was all caught on camera.

A high school freshman in Texas suffered a concussion after he was choked and repeatedly slammed to the ground by an opponent during a game on Sept. 13.

It was between Burleson High School and Waco University.

Recordings of the game appear to show Burleson's, Jagger Gower, being targeted by University players throughout the game.

The player who choked Gower was ejected from the game and suspended for the first half of University's next game, but Gower's mother told a local news affiliate that she believed the discipline was too lenient.

Waco Independent School District superintendent Marcus Nelson said Monday that the University player has been suspended indefinitely.

"Between those games, there were additional consequences that were also imposed by our coaches," he said. "It involved physical punishments, extra running, and several other activities that I'm hesitant to document more clearly because I believe our student at least has some right to a confidentially. As soon as I became aware of the incident I suspended the student-athlete from all extra-curricular activities until all further notice."

Nelson added that the player won't be allowed to suit up again until Gower returns, and even then, he may continue to sit out.

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