Activist group frustrated with Lansing Mayor

 Black Lives Matter Lansing is calling for Mayor Andy Schor to resign after a heated public forum earlier this week. (Source: WILX)
Black Lives Matter Lansing is calling for Mayor Andy Schor to resign after a heated public forum earlier this week. (Source: WILX) (WILX)
Published: Jun. 5, 2020 at 11:12 PM EDT
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During a zoom meeting Wednesday night Black Lives Matter Lansing held a virtual forum to discuss what they're calling a call to action with community leaders.

During the forum, local community activist Michael Lynn Jr. asked Mayor Andy Schor a series of questions and felt frustrated with the Mayor's lack of response.

"I was just asking for general information as you would imagine that a manager of a city would know. I mean I wasn't asking for anything outside of that," said Lynn Jr.

One of the questions Lynn Jr. asked the Mayor during the meeting was if he would take some funds away from law enforcement in the city to give to community organizations?

"What we're saying is that the money - 40 something million dollars that are going to police they can put some of that funding into community organizations," said Lynn Jr.

"That's a conversation were happy to have during the budget I mean what do you want a lesson? You want a lesson on violent crime initiative, which helps out kids and people who were victims of violent crime - you want a lesson on road patrol? Where I hear regularly is there's not enough - there's not enough policing to keep people safe," said Mayor Schor during Wednesday's zoom meeting.

On Thursday, Mayor Schor made a public apology on his Facebook page saying he was sorry for not being prepared for the forum.

"I intended to come to the forum to listen and I wasn't prepared for the questions asked by the other panelists. I would like to apologize for coming unprepared to the conversation," said Mayor Schor.

The Black Lives Matter Lansing organization didn't respond to our request for a comment, but posted a statement Friday saying quote, "Accountability looks like defunding the police and Mayor Andy Schor's resignation. Our terms are non=negotiable."

Lynn Jr. says he stands behind Black Lives Matter Lansing and says he doesn't have anything left to say to Mayor Schor.

"We're done with the propaganda and we don't need to see established setups where he comes to where it's like some commercial and reads off a script you need to answer to us, you work for us and we want to see you held accountable for all these things," said Lynn Jr.

Lynn Jr. says that the goal isn't to take away policing but to help support community organizations.

News 10 reached out to Mayor Schor to comment on the matter, but hasn't received a response yet.

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