Greater Lansing Area Sports Hall of Fame Welcomes 2019 Class Thursday

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LANSING, Mi The Greater Lansing Area Sports Hall of Fame is set to welcome another class Thursday night.

Lansing Sports Hall of Fame

The induction ceremony was held at the Lansing Center and is scheduled to run from 4:30-9:30 pm.

Eight individuals and several teams were welcomed in the ceremony and they are listed below.

"It's real strong with local kids and then it's sprinkled with a couple of just superstars when you talk about Matt Green, two time national Stanley Cup Champion, and then Roy Kramer, the Godfather of NCAA football who really designed the playoff system," Bob Every said.

Individuals: Matt Greene, Gina Harrington, Melissa Kegler, Roy Kramer, Denny Myers, Dave Poquette, Pat Stump and Judy Tant.

Teams: Pottersville Girls Volleyball 1988-90, Vermontville Baseball 1947-49.

There were also two Dick Letts Community Service Award winners. Roger Love and Dr. John Pudliner will both be honored.