Great Start Readiness Program prepares students for school career

EATON COUNTY, MI. (WILX) - With the 2019-2020 school year already underway, Eaton County RESA wants to make sure students are prepared for what the school year brings.

In this edition of Schools Rule, WILX News 10 is highlighting Eaton County's Great Start Readiness Program. They say preschool can be imperative in preparing kids for K-12 and they say attending preschool increases the chances of graduating high school.

They're able to give that preschool education to some students and families, free of charge.

"What we've found in education is, kids come to school in kindergarten and they really could use that year of experience to help them before they get there to help them prepare," said Jennifer McCaffrey, the Early Childhood Supervisor with Eaton RESA.

The Great Start Readiness Program in Eaton County is a free preschool for four year olds, funded by the state.

"People who may not be able to fit that in are able to send students to preschool, where it used to just be a tuition option," said McCaffrey. "Every family should apply."

So here's how it works-four year old students attend a full day of school.

"It's a long day for four year olds but during that day they have a nice, long, free choice opportunity where they're able to explore and learn through the classroom, through play," said McCaffrey.

McCaffrey says, learning through play is the perfect way to prepare children for kindergarten and school-and life in general.

"We know that the research is there for kids to attend a high quality early education opportunity, and the state of Michigan graciously offers that program for free for many families," said McCaffrey.

While four may seem young, McCaffrey says it is never too early to get children involved.

"Kids really learn so much when they come to school," said McCaffrey. "Not only do they learn from their teachers but they learn from their peers."

The program is funded by the state and there are free options for families who may otherwise not be able to afford preschool.

For more information on the Great Start Readiness Program in Eaton County and throughout the state,

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