Grand River sirens testing in Lansing

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LANSING, MI (WILX) -- Don’t panic on Tuesday if you hear sirens along portions of the Grand River.

The Lansing Board of Water & Light plans to test its Moores Park Dam Break Warning System starting at 2 p.m. Tuesday.

“As part of the testing, you may hear sirens located along the Grand River,” BWL’s Facebook page said. “These are only a test!”

The Moores Park Dam is located between BWL’s Eckert Power Station and Moores Park, 400 Moores River Drive.

According to the City of Lansing’s website, the dam is more than 100 years old.

It is considered a “high risk” dam because of the impact it would have if it were to fall, not because it’s in bad condition, the website said.

The dam doesn’t produce power, but is used to cool turbines that help produce electricity.

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