Governor Whitmer warns younger generation about Coronavirus

Governor DeSantis sent President Trump a letter on Monday asking that he declare a Major...
Governor DeSantis sent President Trump a letter on Monday asking that he declare a Major Disaster as Florida responds to COVID-19. (MGN)(WJHG)
Published: Mar. 23, 2020 at 11:26 PM EDT
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Governor Gretchen Whitmer is telling the younger generation to take her stay at home executive order seriously.

"In fact, 40% of the hospitalizations and positive cases are among people 20 to 49," said Governor Whitmer.

The Governor revealed that shocking fact Monday during her announcement of her executive order to stay home and stay safe.

Chief Medical Officer Denny Martin at Sparrow Hospital says that younger generations may be carrying coronavirus without evening know it.

"We are much more likely to have very little symptoms what would be like a runny nose or an annoying cough, not a significantly elevated temperature -- but could carry it on for days to weeks and pass that on to individuals," said Dr. Martin.

The Governor says that vaping is also playing a role among the younger generation making them more susceptible.

Dr. Martin agrees.

"Smoking of all types would be a risk for an individual no matter their age to have a more significant infection with this virus," said Dr. Martin.

DJ Perry a Michigan State University (MSU) student says he has been keeping safe at home to avoid catching or spreading the virus.

He says it isn't the millennials who are spreading Covid-19.

"It is not the millennials out there on spring break everything it is definitely Gen Z. You know millennials are 30's they're married, we're finally being able to sit and play video games," said Perry.

MSU Alumni Maya Warszawska says regardless of your age, you should be following all safe health practices.

"Even if you're not susceptible it does not mean that your mom or dad or your grandparents that you're going to see or your neighbor or anyone you randomly bump into on the street isn't," said Warszawska.

"It's not necessarily yourself, you need to care about it's everybody else," added Warszawska.

Dr. Martin says the single biggest thing we can do right now is social distancing and quarantine.

Governor Whitmer's executive "stay home, stay safe" order is set to last for the next three weeks.

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