Governor says she opposes any auto insurance bill that allows drivers to opt out of medical coverage

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LANSING, MI (AP) Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer says she opposes Republicans' proposal to let people fully opt out of mandatory medical benefits covered by their auto insurance premiums.
She said Thursday that "everyone needs to buy into the system at a certain level." She made the comments after touring an East Lansing rehabilitation facility for people with brain injuries, and as the Republican-led Legislature considers whether to send a car insurance overhaul to her desk.
Whitmer says she is open to allowing motorists to forgo unlimited coverage and choose a lesser amount, but "the zero coverage option is where I have to draw the line." She warns that could "bankrupt people," shift cost to taxpayers and undermine hospitals' trauma centers.
Michigan is the only state to require mandatory personal injury protection, or PIP.

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