Governor declares SOE for Ionia County, residents thankful

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PORTLAND, Mich. (WILX) - Those hit hardest by the brutal winter weather in Ionia County are feeling some relief after Governor Gretchen Whitmer declares a State of Emergency.

Portland city leaders requested the state assistance to help people recover from the huge ice jams on the Grand River and massive flooding.

Portland residents took their gratitude to social media, posting "thank you’s" to local and state leaders for the assistance.

Last week, Ionia County declared a local State of Emergency, but requested the governor's declaration to protect public health and safety and minimize the threat of a crisis, according to a state press release.

Portland residents came together to help one another with fundraisers and donations.

Now state assistance is on the way for over-stressed communities.

Wednesday Portland City Manager Tutt Gorman shared his appreciation to the City of Portland Facebook page.

The state will now step in to help Ionia County respond to hazardous conditions and severe flooding.