Governor, A.G. speak out on Flint Water Crisis investigation

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Governor Gretchen Whitmer is speaking out about the Flint Water Scandal.

It comes after the state attorney general announced criminal charges will be dropped against eight people.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel says justice delayed is not always justice denied and that the dropped charges, could be brought again.

“We want to make certain that every person that needs to be held criminally accountable is but also that we're not prosecuting people who have not committed crimes,” Nessel said.

Solicitor General Fadwa Hammoud and Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy is now leading the Flint water investigation after the office of special counsel failed to include all available evidence.

Governor Whitmer told News 10 her office was approached by the A.G. about the investigation.

“She served a number of departments with search warrants and we quickly complied and ensured that she got all of the information she was looking for,” the governor told Cryss Walker.

Prosecutors say private law firms were allowed by the previous administration to select what information was given to law enforcement officials.

Firms that represented former Governor Rick Snyder.

“I trust that she's gonna get justice for the people of Flint,” said the governor.

All charges in the Flint water case were dismissed without prejudice allowing the A.G.'s office to refile if necessary.

Prosecutors are expected to review millions of new documents and hundreds of electronic devises before closing the investigation.

The attorney general says her office will not respond further on the investigation until prosecutors speak directly to the people of Flint.

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