Gov. Whitmer visits West Michigan to talk about roads

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LANSING, MI (WILX) -- Roads and infrastructure is an everlasting topic in Michigan and the governor traveled to West Michigan Friday to keep talking about them.

Gov. Whitmer met with officials from MDOT at the Ottawa Street Bridge in Muskegon to promote her budget proposal as well as her key priority of fixing the roads.

The bridge is in dis-repair and has been down to one lane for the last three years over safety concerns. Efforts by the city to obtain funding to fit it haven't been planned out yet.

Whitmer's visit comes one day after the republican-led state house passed a counter proposal to her plan to hike the gas tax by 45 cents to fix roads.

"It's a counter offer. It's not real, it's not a real solution to the problems we are confronting here in Michigan. People of this state say fixing infrastructure is the number one priority. Their plan does not do it and kicking the can down the road is downright dangerous, more expensive and it compromises our ability to draw investment into Michigan," Whitmer said.

House Republicans' plan would take sales taxes, collected at the pump and shift that money to road repairs. Democrats are concerned the proposal would shift money away from schools and local governments.

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