Gov. Whitmer talks reopening Michigan, Wednesday's protest

Published: Apr. 15, 2020 at 3:51 PM EDT
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President Donald Trump said he will be talking to the governors of all 50 states in the coming days to authorize the reopening of the economies.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer said Wednesday that governors have taken the lead with the importance of implementing stay home orders.

On the "TODAY" show earlier in the day, the governor said there are multiple factors to consider before reopening the state.

"As we are making this determination, it has got to be centered around public health and mitigating spread. Knowing that our hospitals are equipped with the PPE they need to meet the needs of the people that need help desperately," Gov. Whitmer said.

The governor said the more people continue to travel, the higher the chance front line workers could be infected, workers who are essential for slowing the pandemic.

On Wednesday afternoon, Gov. Whitmer held a press conference. In it, she spoke about the protest against her stay-at-home order that took place at the Capitol, saying she was "disappointed" at the number of people who turned out at the demonstration.

She said the protest will come at a cost to people's health and she said Wednesday's demonstration will not influence her decision in lifting the order.

"(It's) not a political decision, it's about public health," Gov. Whitmer said. "The enemy is the virus, not one another."

She added the protest endangered people's health, saying protesters could have contracted the virus and may not show symptoms for days.

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