Gov. Whitmer declares state of emergency in Michigan

Published: Jan. 28, 2019 at 11:50 PM EST
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Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed, and first thing Tuesday morning will file with the Secretary of State, an order declaring a state of emergency in Michigan to help address threats to public health and safety related to forecast sub-zero temperatures over the next few days.

“Keeping Michiganders safe during this stretch of dangerously cold temperatures is our priority,” said Gov. Whitmer. “Such widespread, extreme conditions have not occurred in Michigan for many years and it is imperative that we are proactive with record-low temperatures being predicted by the National Weather Service. Wind chills are predicted as low as 50 degrees below zero in many places, such as metro Detroit which is especially unaccustomed to these temps.”

With a winter storm impacting much of the Lower Peninsula and statewide temperatures forecast to hover around 0 degrees with wind chills at 50 below or colder in some areas, the state is actively working with local communities and emergency management partners to ensure they have all the resources they need to respond. Conditions and needs will be continually assessed, and appropriate action will be taken as warranted to protect public health and safety.

In addition to the emergency declaration, Gov. Whitmer has activated the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC). Located at Michigan State Police (MSP) Headquarters in Dimondale, the center is overseen by the Michigan State Police, Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division (MSP/EMHSD) and coordinates response and recovery efforts by state agencies and local government.

The SEOC is staffed by members of state agencies and other partners for decision making and information coordination during disasters or emergencies in the state of Michigan.