GoFundMe to refund border wall donations

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CNN, (WILX) - Crowd funding platform GoFundMe will refund $20 million to people who donated to build a wall on the southern border.

Air force veteran Brian Kolfage Jr. started the campaign, which has received donations from more than 337,000 people.

The federal government can't receive money without congressional approval, so he created his own non-profit called We Build the Wall.

The problem is Kolfage had already launched his campaign and GoFundMe forbids changing where donated funds will go.

GoFundMe is refunding all that money and Kolfage has to start again.

Donors are allowed to have their original donations redirected to the new company by filling out an online form.

Anyone who doesn't do this within 90 days will automatically receive a refund.

Kolfage's goal for the new wall-building company is $1 billion.