1st grader asks Santa for food and blanket in heartbreaking viral letter

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EDINBURG, Texas A young girl's letter to Santa Claus has gone viral after she asked for food and a blanket. Crystal Pacheco,age 7, listed things she needed.

The first grader's teacher in Edinburg, Texas taught a lesson about wants and needs before instructing students to write a letter to Santa.

After school dismissed for the day, teacher Ruth Espiricueta, began reading the letters and one student's note really caught her attention. "I started reading them and it's like I did not expect her to say I need food. I want food but I need a blanket more," said Espiricueta. "And I asked well why do you need a blanket more than the food?" She said, "well I get to eat at school. Sometimes I may not have at home but I get to eat at school, a blanket I have one but it's not warm enough."

Crystal also requested a ball instead of a doll, so that she could share the ball with her brother. She asked for eggs to eat.

Espiricueta posted the letter to social media and it went viral quickly. Hundreds of donations have arrived at the school and Crystal has received everything she asked for and more. The letter inspired the principal at Monte Cristo Elementary School to start a donation drive, with a goal of collecting 724 blankets to give to each student.

More than one in five children in Texas -- about 22.4 percent -- live in poverty, according to 2016 data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

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