Girl battling cancer says she is not allowed to wear a hat for school picture day

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Albuquerque, NM (WILX) -- Picture day is one of the biggest days of the school year for kids but for one New Mexico middle school student battling cancer, she said it was one of the most humiliating.

Bella Thurston has been battling with a brain and spine tumor since she was five years old and has lost some of her hair because of recent chemo treatments.

Because of the hair loss she wears a hat but on picture day the photographer told her to take the hat off because it is against their policy.

Her mother was outraged when she heard this.

"When something happens to your kid that you can't fix, it's heartbreaking, you feel helpless." Said Kara Thurston, Bella's mother.

The photography company has since apologized and said this was a misunderstanding and will revisit their training protocol.

They also offered a complimentary photography session as well.

Bella does not want special treatment though because of her cancer, she just wants to be like everyone else