GM not shifting plans after D.C. meeting with Michigan lawmakers

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- The plan to close two Detroit-area auto plants is still in motion.

Following a Thursday afternoon meeting on Capitol Hill with Michigan lawmakers, General Motors CEO Mary Barra did not say any plans have changed.

On November, 26th the company announced it would close the state's plants in Hamtramck and Warren.

Barra explained this is happening because the auto industry is evolving, and focus needs to be put on vehicles people want to buy.

She said, "We believe in an all-electric future."

Thursday evening Congressman Tim Walberg (R-MI) said the total number of jobs expected to be lost in Michigan is still unclear, because the company says it's offering opportunities for some employees to transfer.

Sen. Gary Peters (D-MI) took issue with the company building vehicles in Mexico while shuttering plants in the U.S.

Peters said, "The Chevy Blazer should be made in the United States with American workers, we made that very clear to Mary Barra."

Barra was asked about the Blazer being built in Mexico and said, "The decision of where the Blazer is built, that was made many years ago."

While the meeting didn't produce good news for the two Detroit-area plants, Walberg said he left feeling a bit reassured.

He said, "I was glad to hear that Delta plant as well as the Grand River plant in Lansing are going to continue to be building the products that people want."

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