GM CEO to meet with MICH lawmakers on Thursday

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NBC News (NBC) - General Motors CEO Mary Barra will speak with lawmakers on Capitol Hill for a second straight day, regarding the company's decision to lay off 15,0000 workers and close plants in Ohio, Michigan and Maryland.

She's under fire after GM announced it's idling plants - resulting in layoffs for thousands of American workers.

She is defending the company's decision - but lawmakers - are not too forgiving.

For General Motors CEO Mary Barra - it's day two of a Capitol Hill grilling, meeting with lawmakers - to defend the company's plans to close four plants in Michigan - Maryland and Ohio - leaving some 15,000 employees without jobs.

Barra said, "Any time we have to make the decisions that we did, they are incredibly difficult."

The company, ending its Sedan production, saying the demand just isn't there and instead focusing on electric cars and shifting production of trucks and suvs to Mexico.

Representative Tim Ryan (D) of Ohio said, "This is a big issue in our community, we're trying to balance the fact we have a lot of people getting a pension from General Motors."

It's enough to outrage lawmakers in both parties coming eight years after taxpayers spent $13 billion bailing the company out and the same year GM has benefited from President Trump's tax cuts.

Senator Rob Portman (R) of Ohio said, "The tax bill is exactly the kind of thing that General Motors should be using to reinvest in Lordstown for a new product."

Now - lawmakers are looking at legislation that would remove tax benefits for companies shipping jobs overseas.