Frounfelker accuser shares story

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JACKSON, Mich. (WILX) - The woman who claims she was severely beaten by a former city councilman, Andrew Frounfelker, is talking about it publicly Tuesday.

It's a story you're being told about first on News 10.

Andrew Frounfelker resigned from the Jackson City Council after he was charged with assaulting his girlfriend.

Tuesday she told News 10's Alani Letang what's next for her.

Michelle Tylutki wants to clear up what she calls rumors that have been floating around about the alleged assault.

She also told Letang why she's staying with Frounfelker and why he doesn't deserve prison time.

"What happened should've never have happened, and it went to the extent. I'm not saying he doesn't deserve something, I'm saying he doesn't need what everybody is aiming for. That's totally unfair I think," said Tylutki.

In May Michelle was out to dinner with Frounfelker and some friends at Bella Notte Restaurant.

On the walk back to their downtown apartment., Frounfelker became angry with Michelle for something she said at dinner.

She said Frounfelker told her, "you disrespected me and my coworkers when we tried to do something nice for you."

Michelle testified in court a few weeks ago that he punched her.

The beating was so severe she received five broken bones in her face and had to have two metal plates put into her face, one abover her eye and another above her cheek.

But she tells me she will continue to stand by his side.

"I'm not defending him at all, I'm just saying we love each other, we want our family and friends and city, the city we let down it will never ever happen again. Give us a chance to prove to the city, and our family's and friends. We both love this city and we can't even go out on the street without somebody bringing it up or talking bad about us," said Michelle.

Michelle has been ordered by the judge to have no contact with Frounfelker, and she hasn't since the night of the alleged assault.

She told Letang it's been hard on her and has been in counseling.

Michelle said counseling/therapy is something that she would rather refer Frounfelker go through instead of a prison sentence.

"He definitely needs punishment for sure, but I don't think it should be life in prison or prison time, he's never been to jail, he doesn't even have a speeding ticket for God sakes," said Michelle.

Michelle testified about the assault at Frounfelker's preliminary hearing.

Frounfelker resigned from the city council on June 11th after a judge ruled there is enough evidence to put him on trial.

He was placed on unpaid leave from his job at consumers energy eight days later.

Frounfelker will be back in court for a hearing in August.

His trial is scheduled to start on September 10th.

We will be covering it for you.