Friends defend Jackson man accused of child abuse and murder

Michael Glaspie hold his newborn baby at the hospital (Source, Jason Stoddard)

Jackson, MI. (WILX) - Devoted, kind, loving. Those are just some of the words used to describe the man accused of abusing and killing his two-month-old son in June.

News 10 obtained court documents that show how severe the alleged abuse was. Family and friends say there’s more to the story and the charges against Michael Glaspie don’t add up.

“It blew me away there’s no way,” Jason Stoddard, a close friend of Glaspie said.

Stoddard says never in a million years did he think his friend would be accused of murdering his own son.

Glaspie has two older sons that Stoddard says he adores and they adore him.

“He’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. He does like all of the YMCA stuff. You know, baseball, football, coaching with his kids. Everything he posts on Facebook is about his kids,” Stoddard said.

Stoddard said hadn’t heard from his friend in a while. Michael just got engaged and had a baby.
But scrolling Facebook one day, Jason saw a shocking post-an article revealing charges of murder and child abuse.

“The images all over Facebook. Especially with such a short brief description, basically make Mike Glaspie look like a monster and he’s not,” Stoddard said. “There’s a lot of information that has been left out of every news article that I’ve read.”

According to court documents we have, prosecutors describe the alleged abuse to the two-month-old as violent and tragic.

Police say Glaspie was taking care of the child for two and a half hours before the injury occurred. The baby had more than 2 injuries both old and new from blunt force trauma to the hard, rib fractures, a spinal compression fracture to name a few. He died a couple of days later. Prosecutors say the child was severely abused and the injuries were horrific.

Family and friends disagree and say there’s more to the story. The child was born prematurely, had medical concerns from birth and frequent visits to the doctor.

“Mike’s wrongfully accused. He should very much be at home mourning the loss of his kid and he’s not. He’s sitting in jail.”

Stoddard says Glaspie was excited to have another son and even threw a surprise baby shower where he proposed to the child’s mother.

“I think anybody can be a father but it takes somebody special to be a dad.”

Several family members wanted to speak out but were advised not to by their lawyer. Instead, they chose to send letters of character to the Judge, hoping they’ll be considered.

Glaspie will be back in court Friday. News 10 will be there. You can watch the probable cause hearing live on

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