Fowlerville residents call Quality Coatings' scarecrow display 'racist'

Published: Oct. 25, 2019 at 6:47 PM EDT
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A business in Fowlerville has scared up some controversy over this Halloween display.

Quality Coatings had its scarecrow dressed as President Trump holding former president Barack Obama's head by a rope.

"I just can't believe it," said Heather McClain, a Webberville resident. "This thing had no political views for me, I didn't even notice who it was at first, all I saw was a white man holding a black man's head, and I can't even imagine what people are going through when they see that, it's just disgusting."

McClain has been on the picket line for the last 40 days, but believes this situation of freedom of speech was crossing a line.

"I mean I'm a union worker, I speak my mind every day, and I get that, but there's a line between being grossly disgusting and putting your views out there," McClain said.

McClain has family in Fowlerville and is horrified knowing that children were exposed to this.

"It just makes me really sad," said McClain. "My child has a lot of friends in Fowlerville. Why would this community allow that I don't understand?

This display comes as the Village of Fowlerville is in the middle of their 2nd annual scarecrow decorating contest.

The village manager told News 10 that Quality Coatings is not registered in the display competition, but that they were made aware of the businesses' controversial scarecrow Thursday night.

The owners were contacted by the Village Friday morning and their display has since been changed to a scarecrow labeled PC Police.

News 10 spoke to Quality Coatings said that they are sorry and thought Halloween was supposed to be scary.

They admit that they probably took it too far and that they apologize to those who were offended.

McClain is relieved that the display has been taken down, but hopes it doesn't leave tarnish Fowlerville's small-town reputation.

"This is not a reflection of the community but people are going to remember where that place is," said McClain.

Quality Coatings says this is the second year they have had a Trump/ Obama Halloween display outside of their business.

The Village says it appreciates the business taking the display down.

It will continue with its annual scarecrow decorating contest that runs until Halloween.

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