Former Olympic gymnast faces Nassar

Published: Jan. 18, 2018 at 5:51 PM EST
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A former Olympic gymnast was the first person to take the stand during the third day of Larry Nassar's sentencing hearing.

Jamie Dantzscher was a member of the bronze-medal winning team at the 2000 games. She was sexually assaulted by Nassar several times during his stint as a doctor for team USA gymnastics.

She was among a handful of Olympic gymnasts who testified about the abuse on Capitol Hill last march; six months after Nassar's arrest.

They were asking Congress to do more to protect young athletes.

Dantzscher had strong words for USA gymnastics then, blaming the organization for letting the abuse by Nassar go on for so long.

Dantzscher spoke about the impact the abuse had on her over the years. Including eating disorders and being hospitalized for a suicide attempt. She also said she couldn't even watch gymnastics on TV because she wasn't proud of anything she accomplished during her time as an elite gymnast.

But now that Nassar is being held accountable for the abuse, Dantzscher says all of that has changed.

"I will continue to heal and I will continue to stay strong knowing I have a bright future ahead of me.And now I can finally say that I am truly proud of myself for something i've done relating to my elite gymnastics career," said Dantzscher.

Dantzscher says she came forward about the abuse in 2016. She stated that a USAG psychologist started campaigning positive Larry Nassar stories to combat her accusation.