MSU baseball field under water as floods hit locally

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LANSING, MI (WILX) - Several parts of Mid-Michigan are experiencing flooding including areas of Clinton, Eaton, and Ingham Counties.

MSU's baseball field is underwater due to flooding. (Source: WILX)

On the campus of Michigan State University, the baseball field is completely underwater. There are also many pathways covered in water.

Michigan State University Police have put up barricades to discourage people from walking through the water.

In Eaton County near North Wheaton Road and Saginaw Highway, rainwater caused a drain to give out causing a massive hole in the road.

Eaton County Emergency Manager Ryan Wilkinson says the road commission has plans to fix it quickly.

The playground and the picnic tables at Wonch Park in Okemos are submerged. The water floods into the parking lot.

Here's a list of local roads that are closed, according to the Ingham and Clinton Offices of Emergency Management:

•Gratiot County Line Rd from Maple Ave to Harris in Maple Rapids
•Hyde Rd from Bauer Rd to Wacousta Rd in Lebanon Township
•Bauer Rd Stone Rd to Moss Rd in Lebanon Township
•Wright Rd Island Rd to Stone Rd in Lebanon Township
•Stoll Rd is closed from Robson Rd to Upton Rd in Bath Township
•Faragher Rd. West of Shepardsville Rd in Ovid Township
•Nakoma Dr from Hamilton Rd to Huron Hill Dr in Meridian Township
•Ottowa Dr from Nakoma Dr to Woodcraft Rd in Meridian Township
•Howell Rd from Edgar Rd to College Rd in Delhi Township
•Linn Rd from Meech Rd to Dietz Rd in Leroy Township
•Meech Rd from Linn Rd to Grand River Ave in Leroy Township
•Bell Oak Rd from Shaftsburg Rd to Harris Rd in Locke Township
•Sherwood Rd from Dietz Rd to Harris Rd in Locke Township
•Moyer Rd from Dietz Rd to Harris Rd in Locke Township
•Okemos Rd from Central Park Dr to Haslett Rd in Meridian Township
•Hillcrest Ave from Okemos Rd to Grand River Avenue in Meridian Township
•Van Atta Rd from Jolly Rd to Grand River Ave in Meridian Township

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