Flea attack: New police chief rescues officers attacked by ‘thousands’

Captain Daryl Green was appointed the next chief of the Lansing Police by Mayor Schor. (Source LPD/WILX)
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LANSING, MICH. (WILX) – Lansing’s new police chief came to the rescue Friday afternoon when two of his officers experienced severe, stinging discomfort.

Lansing Police Sgt. Brian Curtis confirmed that Chief Daryl Green offered flea repellent to two officers who were attacked by fleas while on road patrol.

Curtis said the officers are doing fine after they called dispatch about 3:30 p.m. desperately seeking someone, anyone with flea repellent. They met Green at LPD headquarters.

Curtis said he didn’t know where the officers were when fleas pounced on them, but said these types of insect onslaughts aren’t rare.

“It’s a common hazard in our profession,” Curtis said of fleas, and even bed bug attacks. “It’s just another day on the road - so to speak.”

Lansing resident Loretta Stanaway heard the dispatch call come in Friday on a scanner and said the report came in saying the officers were attacked by “thousands” of fleas. Stanaway said she didn’t hear where the officers got attacked, but heard a reference to a residential street.

Said Stanaway of Green’s ability to answer the officers’ pleas, “I think it’s very appropriate … and awesome.”

Green was named Lansing’s top cop in August. He served in an interim role for about a month after former Police Chief Mike Yankowski announced his retirement.

Green doesn’t lack experience in the capital city. He’s a road patrol veteran, has been with the department since 1997 and was promoted to captain in 2012.

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