Five tips to help lower your energy this winter

Published: Nov. 1, 2019 at 11:07 AM EDT
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Many families cranked up the heat this week due to freezing rain and hard frost that made an appearance Halloween night.

The Michigan Public Service Commission is urging people to plan ahead to make sure your utility bills are manageable when the weather turns cold.

According to the federal Energy Information Administration, space heating in Michigan homes takes up about 55 percent of a household's energy use annually.

Here are five quick tips to help your budget this winter:

Contact a certified professional and schedule a furnace tune-up so it runs more efficiently.

Replace filters regularly. Clogged filters make a furnace work harder.

Discuss with your utility provider programs that can help to manage costs. Extra tip: Ask about or sign up for demand response or time-of-use programs.

Research options before signing up with a propane provider. Locking in a contract now can mean lower prices.

Home improvement! Seal cracks around windows and doors to keep heat from escaping. Check air ducts and seal openings against leaks. Insulate attics and crawl spaces.

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