First recreational marijuana dispensary opens in Lansing

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LANSING, MI (WILX). Lansing's first recreational marijuana dispensary has opened it's doors, and Lansing's City Clerk says there's more to come.

Homegrown Cannabis Company was the first marijuana dispensary to open Friday morning at 9 a.m.

"It's a good thing for us, it's a great thing for the city of Lansing too because every time a store opens it means there's less product on the black market. It's more jobs and tax revenue for the city and we're really proud of what we're doing here," Josh Hovey, spokesperson for Homegrown Cannabis Company said.

Customers were lining up outside Homegrown Cannabis Company, Lansing's first adult-use recreational marijuana shop, long before it opened.

"This is the day I've been waiting for, for a long time. In fact, I moved from Florida to Michigan and I'm standing out here in the cold because I'm very excited to see what this is going to bring to the state of Michigan," Martha Shafman, a Lansing resident said.

"It will be a good thing. There's a lot of money that can come from this that can go to a lot of places. It can give a lot of jobs to people," Marcus Jefferson, Lansing resident said.

The city of Lansing told News 10 that's exactly what the new businesses are going to do.

"These retail operations combined have pledged $75 million in capital investments in the city. The concentration of the jobs are actually in the grow facilities, people to take care of the plants and various other things within those facilities, and then at the retail locations," said Chris Swope, Lansing City Clerk.

Swope said the city of Lansing is working towards their cap number of locations.

"Our total cap under our ordinance is 28, so far we've got three fully licensed, so 25 more to come," Swope said.

Homegrown says they're prepared for even more customers this weekend.

Pure Options Dispensary opened at 6 p.m. Friday afternoon. Their opening was delayed due to labeling issues and finishing up city paperwork.

The City of Lansing recently approved the license for Stateside Wellness Center on Kalamazoo Street to start selling recreational marijuana, but the opening date has not been set.

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