First annual military family special needs expo

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Too often many military families are not speaking out about the needs of their family.
Today , the first first special needs expo for all military families was held

Families had an opportunity to explore various resources and vendors for children with special needs.

It's those resources that we are told will make for a stronger military family.

"They're here to help, they're here to assist and really make the family resilient and stronger and then we have a stronger solider" said Jeff Terrill, Michigan Army National Guard Colonel.

Jessica Ulrey is a parent with two special needs kids at home. She also help put on Saturday's event, and she explains that its sometimes hard for a service member to express that they have a special needs child at home they have to think about.
She said she hopes this event will help families talk about those tough situations

"But we want them to feel comfortably bringing that to light.That's your family, and family is family and you have to take care of your family" said Jessica Ulrey, Michigan Military Family Special Needs Coalition member.

Allison Stein is another parent who came to this event wanted to take care of her family.
She told me she is looking ahead for when her son Drew's transitions into adulthood.

"He's a teenager now, just turned fifteen. So in the future resources that could help us, our family. We're not sure if college is the answer so transition into adulthood" said Allison Stein, Michigan Army National Guard Major.

This event was not only informative, parents says its a supportive too. Giving them the opportunity to meet with family who have children with special needs.

"That's the other goal today, is that these parents network and they talk to each other about something the other parent didn't know" said Ulrey.

Although this is the first event of its kind, it hopefully wont be the last
Coordinators say they are hoping to rotate this event throughout the state

For resources on help for a child with special needs and their family's CLICK LINKS BELOW: